Promo Gift Bag Sponsorships

Get Noticed!

Be a Promo Gift Bag Title Sponsor at the Next Charity Fundraiser.

We can’t do this without you! You can provide your own bags or we’ll place your company logo on the front of Promo Gift Bags for you. These will be passed out to the community at Spirit of the Fair Charity Fundraisers in exchange for a donation.

As a way of saying thank you for providing the bags, you will also be able to place your promotional item in each bag, your company will be mentioned in a unique social media post as the Title Sponsor of the event, your business will be added to the either the Local Partners (less than $1 mil annual revenue) or Corporate Partners page ($1 mil+ annual revenue) and you will also receive a unique web page on just for your company.

You may choose to have your own bags purchased, printed and shipped or the Spirit team can assist you. Please contact us for more information on becoming a Promo Gift Bag Title Sponsor as we are only able to offer this service to a limited number of businesses at a time.

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