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Join a Growing Business Community of People Who Want to Help You Succeed

Everything we do is focused on helping you and others succeed. We are always creating win-win scenarios for everyone so that people are extra motivated to help others. If you are one of those people who see the big picture of “Strength in Numbers” and want to get out and impact the local community, we want you to Get Involved both personally and professionally. We have Nonprofit Partners, a special area just for Business Owners, Corporate Partners and Local Partners. It won’t take long for you to find a place with us. You just have to plug in.

Nonprofit Partners

One way we help the communities we represent is through our partnership with multiple youth and Veteran nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations.

While our list continues to grow, our primary focus is youth educational charities due to the increasing need for resources and funding across the nation.

We raise money for local nonprofit organizations through our charity fundraiser events. Past Events

Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment San Diego

One of the nonprofits we have partnered with is Youth Empowerment San Diego. They are a youth educational nonprofit focusing on helping underprivileged, at-risk youth, many of which have already been through the justice system. They have had amazing success and are very connected locally.

Education is lacking enormously in the United States and while we won’t be able to help everyone, we sure can make a difference together!

We need your help one way or another. Live life with purpose and focus on ‘Give First’ to help benefit your local community while networking and having fun! It’s going to be fun!

Other Nonprofit Partners

Business Owners

Business Owners Our Job to Help You Succeed Spirit of the Fair

We focus on the promotion of ‘Give First – Give Back – Give Often’ as well as Keeping the Spirit of the Fair Alive 365! 

Businesses are able to promote, advertise and market their products and services through Spirit of the Fair charity fundraisers, the website and social media for thousands of monthly views.

Become a Sponsor, an Online Store or Event Vendor and/or Market & Advertise with Us.


There are multiple ways for you to get involved too!

Corporate Partners

We receive amazing support from the companies we are currently working with. As a way of saying ‘Thank You,’ we want to ensure each company on the list is recognized as a promoter of ‘Give First.’

We always promote Shop Local, but don’t forget the larger companies are responsible for a great deal of jobs and support to most local communities.

Here are a few of our partners

Local Partners

We help local businesses succeed by always promoting ‘Give First’ and helping those who need help, first!

We connect local businesses to the community in multiple ways: digital marketing and advertising, swag bag promotions and direct marketing.

Here are a few of our small business partners

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