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Spirit of the Fair Engaging with the Community.

Growing Up Garage Ayres Hotel Spirit of the Fair

Pictures from the Spirit of the Fair

The Spirit of the Fair is all about connecting and impacting local communities in many ways. Check back after each event for new gallery images.

Spirit of the Fair Del Mar Times

In the Media

News featuring Spirit of the Fair

From time-to-time the Spirit of the Fair events may be mentioned or featured in some form of publication or news-related outlet and we will post it here.

Voice of the Fair Chicken Chris Huggett Chicken Coop Productions WGAS Motorsports

Radio & Podcasts

Talk to them and they will listen. Listen to them and they will talk.

Listen to Chicken

Gold Country Fair Auburn CA 2019 WGAS Motorsports

Motorsports Videos

Monster Trucks, Quad Wars, Tuff Trucks, Buggies and More!

Videos from previous WGAS Motorsports off-road motorsports shows highlighting some of the best moments.

WGAS Motorsports Online Video Game Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks Online Video Game

Online Video Game Simulator

Rigs of Rods Softbody Physics Simulator

Drive your favorite Monster Trucks and race against other people in this highly realistic online simulator.

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