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Motorsports, Fun Hobbies, Backyard Games & All Things Fair Related

Connecting Local Communities thru Motorsports & Car Shows

Monster Trucks, Mini Monster Trucks, Demolition Derby, ATV Quad Wars, Go-Kart Racing, Lawn Mower Racing, Hot Rod Car Clubs and Side-by-Side Off-Road Clubs

San Diego County Fair - Del Mar, CA (2019)

Featuring Wicked Strong, Immortal ATV, Warrior Passion and More!

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Campbells Creations Rogue Karting Medford Oregon
Canine Angels Spirit of the Fair Photos by Stone Parrish Photography

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A Community Organization Connecting, Engaging, Entertaining & Impacting Local Communities

Fundraiser Car Shows & Cornhole Tournaments. Plus, Year-Round Cornhole Leagues.

Currently Southern Oregon

A New Form of Entertainment focused on Bringing People Together

Through Charity Fundraisers & Promoting ‘Give First – Give Back – Give Often’

Marketing & Advertising to the Local Communities Year-Round & Through Events

Media Podcasts, Pictures, Videos and News

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