WGAS Motorsports

Extreme Sports Professionals

Producing motorsport events for fairs and organizations throughout the Western United States, Mexico and Canada.

WGAS Motorsports has produced more shows each year throughout the West, plus we have had several Network Television shows.

WGAS Jay Leno Playn For Keeps

These programs were filmed during and around our events, and included the National Geographic Network’s –“The Universe” and “Size Matters”; two programs on the Speed Network for “Stunt Busters”; the HD Network with “Deadline” and the Discovery Network; “Jay Leno’s Garage”–as well as cameo appearances in several other programs including: “Build-Destroy-Build”, “Kids Choice Awards”, “The Bachelor”. “Operation Repo” and many local news networks, newspapers and magazines.

“The WGAS Motorsports team is proud
of many years of success.”


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