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Monster Trucks, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, RC Cars & Trucks, Demolition Derby, ATVs, Go-Karts & Jr. Outlaws, Lawn Mowers and UTVs

Off-Road Motorsports Production WGAS Motorsports

WGAS Motorsports

Extreme Sports Professionals

Producing motorsport events for fairs and organizations throughout the Western United States, Mexico and Canada. Click here to learn more.


Motorsports Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks

They are ready to rip, roar, and shred!

Some of the top Monster Trucks in the industry. Click here to learn more.


Hot Rod Car Clubs Car Shows

Hot Rod Car Clubs

It’s all about power and class!

Car clubs and car shows are a great way to get the community involved. From Old School Low Riders to a 1967 Mach 1 Ford Mustang or a tricked out Rat Rod, there are limitless Hot Rods to appreciate and admire. Click here to learn more.


Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

Smashing, Crashing, Crushing and Ramming!

The most aggressive driving there is. No holding back! It’s a fight to the finish with the last man standing as the winner. Click here to learn more.


ATV Quad Wars

ATV Quad Wars

Ride, Race & Rage

Watch the Immortal Quad Wars battle it out in a Team vs. Team race to the finish. Click here to learn more.


Jr Outlaw Go Kart Racing

Go Kart & Jr. Outlaw Racing

Teaching kids all about the garage, racing and having fun!

Growing Up Garage teaches kids about tools and the proper way to use them as well as an introduction in go kart and jr. outlaw racing. Click here to learn more.


Lawn Mower Racing

Lawn Mower Racing

SoCal Mower Racing includes kids of all ages

A very cost-effective, low pressure and fun form of racing which is suitable for everyone. Click here to learn more.


Motorsports Community Forums Spirit of the Fair

Motorsports Community Forums

Welcome to the Spirit of Motorsports Community Forums, where enthusiasts from across the globe unite to celebrate the exhilaration of motorsports and all things fast-paced.

Immerse yourself in dynamic discussions, share your racing experiences, connect with fellow motorsport enthusiasts, and delve into the thrilling world of racing excitement. Whether your passion lies in high-speed competition, precision engineering, or the rich history of motorsports, our forums provide the perfect platform to engage, learn, and revel in the magic of these adrenaline-fueled events.

Join us in keeping the motorsports spirit alive year-round!

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