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Metal Fabrication Processes to Make Almost Anything

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Metal Fabrication is a general term of the creating processes to make almost anything out of raw metal materials. Obviously, there are some limitations, but there are many ways to create out of metal. Unfortunately, it takes many years of practice, and/or a large investment, to create something out of nothing. The good news is there are professional companies that can help with just about any metal job. 

Below you will find the most popular types of metal fabrication processes. The project determines which types of processes will be utilized.

  • Casting – Casting is when molten metal is poured a mold or die and allowed to cool and harden into the desired shape.
  • Cutting – This very common type of metal fabrication is the cutting of a workpiece to split it into smaller sections.
  • Drawing – Drawing uses tensile force to pull metal into and through a tapered die.
  • Folding – This metal fabrication process works by manipulating metal to bend at an angle.
  • Forging – Forging uses compressive force to shape metal. A hammer or die strikes the workpiece until the desired shape is formed.
  • Extrusion – In the extrusion manufacturing process, the workpiece is forced through or around an open or closed die.
  • Machining – The metal fabrication method called machining refers to the process of shaping metal by removing the unwanted material from it.
  • Punching – Uniquely shaped turrets on a punch press hit the metal through or into a die to create holes.
  • Shearing – This type of metal fabrication is where one long, straight cut is achieved by combining two tools, with one of the tools above the metal and the other one located below for applying pressure.
  • Stamping – This metal fabrication process is similar to punching, except the press doesn’t create a hole in the metal, but an indentation.
  • Welding – With welding, two or more pieces of metal are joined together, through a combination of heat and pressure.

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