Bending & Breaking Metal Fabrication

Bending and Breaking Metal requires an enormous amount of force. As most probably remember, Superman is the man of steel. He was able to bend rods with his bare hands. Unfortunately, that’s not something the average human being has the capacity to accomplish. In fact, to bend a ¼ inch thick mild steel requires 153 tons of pressure to bend a 10 foot long piece. 

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Creating from Raw Metal Materials

Metal Fabrication is a general term of the creating processes to make almost anything out of raw metal materials. Obviously, there are some limitations, but there are many ways to create out of metal. Unfortunately, it takes many years of practice, and/or a large investment, to create something out of nothing. The good news is there are professional companies that can help with just about any metal job. 

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Four Ways to Color Metal

It’s commonplace for people to wonder how metal fabricators color their artwork. Depending on the process, some metal may have the look of the colors of the rainbow burned into the surface and some may have a solid color. Regardless of the methods used, we are going to focus on four different ways to color metal – Spray Painting, Anodizing, Creating Patinas and Coloring Metals with Heat. 

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