Donate First. Get Free Goodies, Samples, Swag, Merch, Discounts and More!

Promo Gift Bags Filled with Cool Stuff from our Sponsors!

Donate Get Free Stuff Spirit of the Fair

Partnerships have been formed with local businesses and companies who want to connect with you while helping the local community. Make a cash donation and you will receive cool free stuff in return. The bag value will always far exceed the donation. We want you to be a winner also!

At each charity fundraiser, businesses in the local community will be donating merchandise, apparel, swag, stickers, flyers, discount coupons, BOGOs, or anything else they can offer to show their support for the fundraising efforts and the community.

Regardless of what it is, thank them for their support when you see them. It’s very important!

Some will also be providing community service as a way to connect and impact more people.


100% of all donations for the goodie bags benefit the primary nonprofit organization. Regardless of what’s inside, they make a huge difference so there’s never going to be a limit on giving. However, all that is required is a small donation in exchange for cool free stuff! As we get more businesses to support the cause, the goodie bags will get bigger and better! Our goal is to stuff all of them!

Rules: Must be 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult. One Gift Bag / Person / Day.