How to Make Your Car Tires Blowout

Have you ever had a blowout while you were driving?

It could happen to anyone at anytime when behind the wheel

Remember, your tire blowout may be preventable

Unless you run over or hit something in the road, the chances of having a blowout are fairly low. The majority of blowouts come from a combination of factors that are usually preventable. Below are a few ways to make your car tires blowout or not!

Cold Mornings

When your car is parked overnight, the cold air molecules contract so your car tires appear to deflate. Then, after the outside temperature begins to rise in the morning to afternoon, you start driving down the road, or a combination of both, the air in your tires and the tires themselves will heat up causing your tires to expand. Because of this, the best time to fill your tires is in the morning when the air is cold. If you wait until the afternoon and overinflate your tires, you will make your car tires have blowout!

Double Check Your Tires

It’s extremely important to double check regularly that your tires are properly inflated. Over time air will naturally leak out and if you have a puncture, the air may leak out very slowly and you won’t even know it. Unless of course, you’re checking it regularly. This is one way to make your tires have a blowout!

Many new cars have tire pressure sensors but they won’t tell you when you’re over inflated or under inflated. Rather, they will only alert you when the air is below a certain point, which may already be too late if you’re on a long road trip driving down the freeway at high speeds. If you drive your tires underinflated, you will make your car tires have blowout!

Check for Cracks

Another important factor to prevent a blowout is to check your tires for cracks. When tires have been outside for an extended period of time, they will naturally begin to dry out and crack from the sun and climate. If you begin to see cracks, you should get your tires checked. Some are normal, but once you get passed a certain point, you better be at the tire shop sooner rather than later. If your tires are old and cracked, you will make your car tires have blowout!

Go Get Your Tires Checked

If you have any questions or concerned, take your vehicle to the professionals at Point S Tire & Auto Service. They have over 200 stores nationwide and are equipped to handle just about any situation you can throw at them!

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