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Don’t Tread Lightly Winter is Coming

Fall is upon us, the leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and Winter is coming very soon. Not only that, but it’s the Holiday Season! Driving many extra miles during this time of the year to see family and friends is almost guaranteed. The last person you’re thinking about right now is yourself. 

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Stressed About Auto Repairs? No More Stress With Point S

As real estate interest rates rise, people continue to leave the workforce and fuel prices continue to skyrocket, the current state of the economy is taking its toll on millions of Americans. Unfortunately, there is no sign of letting up, especially with sanctions and war in other countries throughout the world. 

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Beautiful Scenic Views at the Gala

If you are anywhere near Southern Oregon and haven’t been out to Vista 222, this Thursday, Sept. 29th is one of the best opportunities you will have. There’s no better way to say it, but it’s an amazingly beautiful and breathtaking place you most likely won’t want to leave from. 

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